Zooming into M42



Every year I try to do a sketch of the most daunting object in the night sky: The Great Orion Nebula. In 2017 I did that with a 10″ dobson with low power, my first real struggle with a nebulous object:



sketch messier 42 orion nebula



In 2018 I did two sketches with the 15 x x70 binoculars; one of the Belt and one of the Sword. Afterwards I fit the two in the correct position and angle to create some sort of mosaic:


sketch orion's sword orion's belt



This year it was time to zoom in with the 16″ dobson and try to recreate the eyepiece view. Not an easy task because of the great many details that are visible, Details that seem to change by use of different filters and details that seem to be perfectly visible on one night and get washed out on another. Therefor I think it’s impossible to truly reproduce the view, but that doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t try…


sketch messier 42 high power



So what´s up for next year? Perhaps an easier view with my good old Vixen 60mm refractor 🙂

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